Our Design Process for Residential Designs

Gathering Information:

  • We begin by establishing a Program with the Owner(s).
  • We research City or County Codes that may limit our choices.
  • We meet with the interested parties (architect, engineer, arborist, etc.) in the very beginning and continue meetings throughout the project.
  • A topographical survey is needed to develop drawings that are to scale and accurately represent the site.  This tool eliminates guesswork and saves the Owner(s) money in the long term.  We do not recommend proceeding with any land disturbance without knowing where everything is located.  Imagine a doctor performing surgery without an x-ray!
  • From here we proceed to the next level of services the Owner(s) would like.
We hope you will let us help you create your next outdoor space.  Please review our
services to find the one that meets your needs. 

Services for residential design

Design Consultations

During the initial design consultation, which takes about two hours, we will review the property and the owner’s goals and preferences.

  • During a walk through the site, we give the owner ideas about how we can improve the property.
  • We ask the owner what he or she envisions, and we identify goals.
  • We discuss budget, phasing, and timing considerations.
  • We show the owner examples of designs and drawings and identify what is needed to meet goals.
  • Prepare a proposal on site for your approval during our meeting

The design consultation fee is $150.00, which will be credited if a design contract is awarded.

Conceptual Landscape Master Plan – 10 to 20 hours minimum

This Service is for projects that include grading, drainage, and construction items as well as plantings:

  • Visit site with Owner(s).
  • Discuss your needs and establish a program.
  • Prepare a proposal / contract for your approval.
  • Order a topographical survey for the site paid by the owner.
  • Prepare Conceptual Landscape Plan at 1” = 10’-0” with plantlist for review and approval.
  • This Plan is the first step in the design process.  Examples of projects suited for this service include placement of new walls, walks, and site structures (garages, arbors, swimming pools, ponds, etc.) and correcting existing drainage issues. This type plan can be used as a construction plan for most small residential projects. It will be a plan view only.
  • Sketchup 3D design can be done of finial landscape design at an addtional cost.

Preliminary Landscape Plans through Working Drawings – hours to be determined

  • This service uses the agreed-upon Conceptual Master Plan to develop drawings necessary for construction and bidding.